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Project Management Basics ASU

Learn project management (PM) basics emphasizing the always-useful and classic PM framework and processes.

About This Course

This course focuses on Project Management (PM) fundamentals, emphasizing the classic PM processes and framework for developing projects. Studying the situations causing projects to be disrupted or to fail will assist you in developing a problem solving skill set. You will obtain an appreciation for the PM discipline which includes planning, resource management and development methodologies. Successfully completing this course will let you apply this new skill-set to various situations that call for the need for project leadership.

This course will take you approximately 8 hours to complete.

Learners who complete this course will earn a digital certificate of completion and a digital badge.


English proficiency

Course Staff

Course Staff Image #1

Dr. Kathleen Moser
Clinical Assistant Professor
W. P. Carey School of Business
Information Systems Department
Arizona State University

Dr. Moser is a Clinical Assistant Professor of Information Systems at Arizona State University (ASU), teaching in the CIS and BDA programs at the undergraduate level, both online and on-site classes in the areas of database management, data analytics, and project management.. She received her MS and PhD degrees from ASU and went on to teach at several universities in the information systems area, publishing articles in a variety of journals.

While at Iowa State University, her passion moved towards working closely with students to advance their success. In this effort she became the liaison between students and corporate professionals. This collaboration developed partnerships and improved the relationship between the university and the community.

Turning her focus to corporate America, Dr. Moser consulted with various businesses to improve the technical training of their in-house database courses. Her area of concentration focused on database modeling, design and development in both Oracle and SQL Server environments, developing applications for both small and medium sized companies. Her attention then focused on project management of SaaS/Cloud computing and services, overseeing the technical software training of a large number of online clients. She developed the course and materials for all aspects of classroom instruction and corporate training for both on-site client training and online webinars.

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