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Starbucks Greener Apron: Waste Diversion ASU

Learn about the importance of reducing and diverting waste, Starbucks waste reduction and management efforts, and how you can reduce your waste.

About This Course

In this course, you will learn more about the global landscape of waste challenges. You’ll also learn about Starbucks waste reduction and management efforts. Finally, you will learn more about how you can reduce your waste in your home, community, and if you are a Starbucks partner, in your store.

This course will take you approximately 15 - 30 minutes to complete.


Basic English proficiency

Meet Your Instructors

Starbucks Coffee Company Sustainability Team

Course Staff Image #1

Advancing sustainability is a top priority for Starbucks. This is why sustainability is embedded throughout the global organization. We have teams who are supporting sustainable packaging and the shift to reusables, store development teams who are working to make it easier to operate a sustainable store, supply chain teams who are sourcing more sustainable products, communication teams who bring all of the great work happening forward, and store partners around the world who are championing sustainability in their stores every single day. All of our actions matter and it takes all of us working together to accelerate the global movement towards a more sustainable future.

Rob and Melani Walton Sustainability Solutions Service
Arizona State University

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The Rob and Melani Walton Sustainability Solutions Service works with stakeholders to make measurable impacts on their sustainability goals and influence decision making through customized, actionable and scalable solutions for a stronger future. They assemble collaborative teams to apply the innovative ideas, practices and technologies of more than 550 sustainability scientists, entrepreneurs, economists, analysts and scholars across ASU to address specific challenges.

The Solutions Service helps companies improve sustainability while reducing costs, assists governments to deploy robust cost-effective sustainability programs, supports nonprofits in their sustainability efforts and informs people across the globe on how they can help change the world.

World Wildlife Fund

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As the world’s leading conservation organization, World Wildlife Fund (WWF) is on a mission to build a future where people and nature thrive. To do this, WWF partners with some of the world’s leading corporations to meet big conservation threats with an equally big response. WWF recognizes the pressure that businesses put on the environment and understands that a healthy business depends on a healthy planet.

WWF works with businesses to transform their vast networks of suppliers, partners, consumers, and employees into a powerful force for good. A force that drives sustainability up and down global supply chains, mobilizes conservation investments in communities, drives consumers towards greener choices, and inspires employees around the globe to champion conservation at work and at home.

Frequently Asked Questions

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