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English Language Learning 01: Greetings (Beginner) ASU

"ELL01: Greetings" will introduce you to the fundamentals of the English language with a focus on greetings for formal and informal audiences and greetings at different times of the day.

About This Course

In English Language Learning 01: Greetings, you will learn basic English concepts to help you greet others at different times of the day from formal and informal audiences. First, you will review some key vocabulary and then you will practice how to greet others by listening, reading, writing, and speaking.

Learners who complete this course will earn a digital certificate of completion.


Patience is the only requirement for this course. Learning a new language takes time.

Meet Your Instructors

The Starbucks Global Academy Curriculum and Learning Experiences Team

The Starbucks Global Academy Curriculum and Learning Experiences Team is committed to designing online courses and experiences that reinforce our commitment to lifelong learning by facilitating continuing professional development opportunities for Starbucks partners around the world!

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