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Health and Wellness Series: Whole Person Well-being ASU

Health practitioners from several fields contribute to this broad-based course about whole-body well-being. Learn about animal therapy, mindful technology habits, self-care and more.

What you'll learn:

A holistic approach to well-being considers all aspects of health that contribute to whole-body well-being. Instead of focusing on one symptom or area of health, this course explores a variety of topics related to mental, physical and emotional well-being.

In this training, you’ll learn how to develop a healthy relationship with work, be mindful of technology, cope with grief, combat loneliness and more. Other topics such as animal therapy, community support and self-care are also covered. Throughout the health course, you’ll receive expert tips to help you incorporate what you’ve learned into your everyday life.

Holistic health education topics include:

  1. Community well-being.
  2. Healing from the inside out.
  3. Introduction to whole-person well-being.
  4. Professional well-being.
  5. Self-care.

Note: This course is not hosted on the Starbucks Global Academy platform. After enrolling, the course content will direct you on how to complete registration for this content.

Meet your instructors

This course is brought to you by Arizona State University Alliance for Health Care, a university ranked No. 1 in innovation, and is designed with evidence-based content from Mayo Clinic, the No. 1 hospital in the U.S.* and one of the world’s leading experts in medical education, research and practice.

Experts from different health-related fields contributed to this course to provide comprehensive content and lessons.