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Starbucks Coffee Academy 300: Origin and Ethical Sourcing ASU

In this course we'll explore the history of coffee, agriculture, varietals and processing methods. We'll discover the differences in growing countries and our steadfast commitment to ethical sourcing.

About This Course

There are many stories to be told from the world of coffee. In this course, we will tell you some of these stories—from the assumed discovery of coffee to the present day, which sees more than a billion cups of coffee drunk daily around the world. Coffee trees themselves have stories about where they took root, how they are grown and nurtured by skilled, hardworking farmers. These are also stories about terroir, the environmental conditions that surround the different varietals, influencing and shaping them.

From region to region, coffee flavors are unique as fingerprints. These flavors will tell their own stories about further roles played by diligent people who process the cherries, applying local methods— some traditional, some innovative— to transform them into beautiful green arabica beans. You will also read the stories Starbucks has to tell—about our passion for coffee and our never-ending commitment to source it ethically and responsibly with steadfast focus on the well-being of those who grow it.

Learners who complete this course will earn a digital certificate of completion and a digital badge.

Current Starbucks partners interested in taking Level 300 to achieve Coffee Master status must first satisfy eligibility criteria and take the course while on scheduled training time. Please consult with your manager.

Meet Your Starbucks Coffee Leader

Course Staff Image #1

Michelle Burns

Michelle Burns is Senior Vice President of Global Coffee and Tea for Starbucks. Michelle is responsible for leading all things coffee and tea–including strategy for growing, sourcing, buying, quality, sustainment, education, Farmer Support Centers, and Starbucks’ Hacienda Alsacia farm and Visitor Center in Costa Rica.

The Global Coffee Team

The Global Coffee team is responsible for leading all things coffee—agronomy, ethical sourcing, buying, quality, roasting, strategy and education.

Our coffee education team worked with our agronomists located in 9 Farmer Support Centers in key coffee growing countries, our buying team in Lausanne, Switzerland, master roasters, blenders and quality experts in Seattle, Washington and our Reserve Roasteries. Collectively this team has deep subject matter expertise and many years working in the coffee industry. They all share a relentless commitment to quality, a passion for coffee and positively contributing to farming communities where our coffee is grown and the communities around the globe where our coffee is served.