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Human Origins ASU

Human origins explores one of the most important questions in human history: Where did we come from? This online course looks at the scientific evidence for evolution and explores how our species fits into the natural world.

About Human Origins - ASM 246

The course will take you on a fascinating journey through the scientific evidence for human evolution. Dr. Donald Johanson, the paleoanthropologist who found the famous skeleton “Lucy,” will guide you through an overview of the hominin fossil record as well as introduce you to evolutionary theory. Take advantage of this unprecedented opportunity to dive deeper into the world of paleoanthropological field research from Dr. Johanson’s perspective.

Note: This course is not hosted on the Starbucks Global Academy platform. After enrolling, the course content will direct you on how to complete registration for this content. Check the ASU Earned Admissions website for course availability.

Meet your instructor:

Dr. Donald C. Johanson

Founding Director, Institute of Human Origins
Virginia M. Ullman Chair in Human Origins
Professor, School of Human Evolution and Social Change
Arizona State University